Packaging Life Cycle Analysis.

Packaging Life Cycle Analysis

Why you should do it

Simply put, whether you need to define your overall sustainable strategy or make a project based decision you’ll discover the answers to a host of questions that you should be asking including:

  • Which packaging has lower environmental impacts for your business?
  • What phase of the packaging life cycle is responsible for the highest effects on the environment?
  • What element of your packaging pollutes most?
  • What you can do to change, for the better!
  • What you can do to change, for the better!


You need to start from the beginning before you can move forward and that is why you should invest in a Packaging Life Cycle Assessment. 

You can discover how your packaging compares with competitors and if a new solution can improve your sustainability credentials. More importantly, you’ll be able to prove why your changes are viable with tangible results (taken from the report), which means a happy board, happy stakeholders and happy end users.

On a financial level, you will discover what areas of packaging require priority challenge. Is it the primary, secondary or tertiary packaging? Or is it merely the overall supply chain.

From a total environmental aspect, you will see if there are any drawbacks to your existing or new packaging solutions and use the data to set a clear path towards your future business sustainability goals.

What Inputs are required for Packaging LCA?

Packaging LCA takes on board information from your total supply chain across key parameters including:

  • Serving Size
  • Consumer units
  • Packaging components, conversion and packaging transport
  • Distribution & Losses
  • Consumer usage
  • Disposal


Data is then calculated against the core environmental areas to plot your current, competitor or future possibilities.

The output is the generation of strong clear graphical results alongside the data which validate and justify concept and development activities at the project level.

This is just the start!


Working with our Packaging Consultants we can then use the data to create overarching strategies for packaging development activity. Our team will assess all the areas which combine to define the total footprint of your business and provide the basis of the discussions you need to be having with your supplier and supply chain to ensure long term targets can be realistic and achievable.


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