The Sustainable Future Report.

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The Sustainable Future Report

Sustainable packaging development is nothing new. Packaging professionals around the world have been actively seeking solutions for several years as part of their standard packaging processes to innovate.

The massive impact of the media singling out packaging, specifically the use of plastics, calls into question the use of ‘unsustainable’ materials and processes. Information – with and without factual justification – poured into the mainstream news and the emotional response by consumers led retailers and brand owners to make huge claims on future packaging and sustainability targets.

The topic moved front and centre of all operational and brand discussions, giving the impression that the public is driving through operational decisions that are rash and disregard any issues or barriers that impact delivery. The kneejerk reaction questions if brand owners and companies truly understand sustainability beyond a short term goal. Building a viable, sustainable packaging strategy for the longer term – so that a similar issue doesn’t arise again – is undoubtedly a better target to achieve.

The white paper looks at sustainable packaging in Europe right now with the results taken from a European survey across key packaging business sectors in the region:



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