Packaging Life Cycle Analysis.

Life Cycle Analysis Reporting

This is well known but rarely does it focus on one specific area of life. That’s why Medoola launched a Packaging Life Cycle Analysis Report service in 2018. It does what all life cycle packages offer, but hones in on your packaging’s environmental outputs, the packaging’s manufacturing procedure, its use and its end of life.

Ideally, we want our clients to run the Packaging Life Cycle Analysis on existing packaging before making purchasing decisions on ‘more sustainable’ alternatives. That’s where our experts and exceptional life cycle analysis software come in handy.

Sustainable Material Analysis

Test, Reflect and Refine is our ethos. Or, in the world of packaging trial, trial and trial again until you find the sustainable material that works on your production line, survives the supply chain and is intuitive when it finally gets into the hands of the consumer.

Our consultants manage the entire process on your business’ behalf:

–    Sourcing trial materials

–    Liaising with OEMs

–    Arranging trial dates

–    Assessing shelf life and supply chain durability

–    Category analysis

–    Consumer feedback and research

Whether you are beginning your sustainable journey or need support developing your initiatives why not get in touch and see how the Medoola team can deliver true results for your business.

Here we have a couple of good example projects. We don’t publicise our clientele, but if you are willing to sign an NDA, we will gladly give you our full list of FMCG, Pharmaceutical and new to market client list and references.

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