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Our Clients

Our collectives work on interim packaging support, we can assign a packaging specialist to get involved in a specific project, we generate packaging led business reports, and we can even provide a clear and simple packaging phone consult. We work with your teams, bolt onto your in-house resource or work independently and become your only resource. It’s completely up to you.

Why does this matter?

Breaking down services and expertise simply drives results whilst also reducing project time and spend.

We don’t even care about taking the glory. Our service is completely white label, so we won’t disclose any associations with our clients or need a testimonial. Our collective is our testimonial.

We flex

Not our guns, but our collective. Every single member is an independent consultant. They work for themselves, but under Medoola they follow a specially designed framework that ensures the brief is met to a high and consistent standard. These standards have been developed through our understanding of packaging and process, we’ve written quite a few in our time so we know a bit about it.

Why does this matter?

Consultants are consultants for a reason. They enjoy the flexible working ethos and the variety of projects. They get to pick and choose projects that suit their life and their work life balance. It also means that they are happy and engaged. The Medoola. Collective will work hard for you.

The only resource to use a modular project model.

Yes, our working model is also completely flexible. We call it a modular project model.

  1. A lead works with a business, listens to their brief and helps them configure the level of packaging support they need.
  2. We trawl through our Medoola. Collective database of independent packaging consultants to assign the right packaging expertise for the job.
  3. With the varied talents of our collective, and our private LinkedIn Collective group, additional experts can be deployed as and when they are required throughout the project’s lifespan.

Why does this matter?

We understand more than anyone that the traditional consultancy/support in packaging can be difficult to work with. It can be difficult getting the right people in, especially true if you need them quickly. It is tough to get a budget approval even though you know you need the expertise. If you do get the support, it is delivered in variety of different ways from the consultancy you choose, to the people they send in. The end results are often less than you expect.

Saving you money

Our flexibility offers support to your business, but only when it is needed. This ensures that a project run by Medoola experts is cost effective no matter the size of your business or the size of your packaging project. Our experience in consultancy packaging project work means we understand, better than anyone, that there is quite often quiet periods, or even complete downtime. You know the type, an unexpected machine breakdown, a delay in material delivery, and the biggest downtime issue of all, the sign-off waiting game. Quite simply, you do not pay for this. We do not see the point of charging for a day, week, or month of nothing. No, instead we wait until you are ready for us to return.

Why does this matter?

Do you see the value of using a packaging consultancy for a project? It’s unlikely, because you’ll remember the last time they worked on a project. Something put that project on hold, yet you still had to dish out the agreed daily fee. Not only did that eat out of your precious budget, but you also had to watch as that consultant did barely anything.

Believe it nor not, but packaging consultants dislike that downtime too. They too would much rather be working than sat in an office full of strangers not doing anything. That’s why we have decided to cut that out. No frustration for you, and no frustration for us. Happy days.

Every project is delivered the Medoola. way

We might flex on resource, but there is absolutely no flex when it comes to consistency. Our collective works in accordance to our standard way of working. They come armed with standard documentation that must be completed and submitted before the end of project review.

Why does this matter?

The packaging consultancy industry is full of inconsistencies. There is no standard approach to delivering packaging projects. Of course every large consultancy has its own way of working, but we are working with independents and our independents are contractually obliged to adhere to our methods that have been developed from years of experience.

Case Studies

Here we have a couple of good example projects. We don’t publicise our clientele, but if you are willing to sign an NDA, we will gladly give you our full list of FMCG, Pharmaceutical and new to market client list and references.

Packaging Development Project

Medoola was sent a brief for a six month packaging development project. It was assumed that one of our team members would work on the project in-house for the entire six months. Instead, our assessment of the brief and our understanding of the packaging development process allowed us to select the right expertise for the project and offer a counter brief of a reduced standard resource of two days per week.

This represented a 60% spend reduction against the traditional interim/consultancy way of working proposed. In month 5, during the trialling phase, we increased the resource to cover an additional 5 days. The project was completed successfully on time and our client achieved a 56% spend reduction against a traditional method.

Packaging Optimisation Project

Our client required an evaluation of a current product range, yet faced several challenges to meet this packaging target. An internal travel budget ban, budget restrictions and difficulties in attaining access to their pharmaceutical operations without intensive admin and sign off, discounted the ability to work in-house and full time immediately.

Instead, we looked at the available budget, proposed a three month operation of eight days per month to run an assessment of the product. To avoid travel expenses and client admin, we worked with the client to receive a shipment of product that could be externally assessed by two of our Medoola experts.

All communication with the client was delivered via telephone and video calling, zero expenses were incurred and the analysis of the product was completed on time.

The project achieved a 60% spend reduction against a traditional approach, zero expenses and a client who is now proposing this model for future activities.

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