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Plastics Facts Not Fiction

18th April 2019 | ben

Time for Plastics Facts (not Fiction!): Join the #PlasticsFactOrFiction Debate At Medoola, we have sat, stood, read and listened through articles, podcasts, seminars, debates, posts and presentations that challenge the perceptions on sustainability in packaging. There is too, a plethora of discussions around how to solve the huge issues we face as a planet. We […]

Sustainable Packaging: Life Cycle Assessment

6th December 2018 | Fiona

Life Cycle Assesment You may have heard of Life Cycle Assessment, you may know the benefits. When it comes to improving your sustainable packaging, Life Cycle Assessment is vital. Why? Here’s a Packaging Life Cycle Assessment Infographic that explains the basics. KNOW YOUR SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING FOOTPRINT BEFORE CHANGING IT

Medoolas Better Design Decisions

12th November 2018 | ben

Medoola will aid better design decisions with Packaging LCA We are extremely pleased to announce that Medoola is now offering Packaging Life Cycle Assessment (PLCA) to our UK clients on a project by project basis. It is an honour to say that we have reached an agreement with sustainability experts, Empauer to use its innovative […]

Packaging Sustainability

10th August 2018 | ben

  Packaging Sustainability 101 – The Engineering Mantra   The debate around sustainability in packaging continues unabated. It is quite astounding that the number of commentaries and statements from both individuals and businesses are somewhat lacking in fact and substance. But that doesn’t make for a great headline, does it? Yes, it’s great to set […]

Packaging Training Day Success

30th July 2018 | ben

  From Candles to Chorizo: Packaging Training Day Success   This year’s Introduction to Packaging training was a great success with four sessions running at different locations across England. The training was designed for small groups – nine per session. It worked well, ensuring that everyone got the most from the day’s activities. Attendees came […]

Why The Blame Culture Is Failing The Packaging World

1st June 2018 | ben

    Why the blame culture is failing the packaging world By Neil Shackleton   I can’t recall the number of times that I’ve been called in to help with packaging production problems. It’s quite a few. After all, I’m a few years into this profession now. What’s most interesting about these packaging production issues […]

The Basic Principles Of Packaging

6th February 2018 | ben

  Medoola unveils packaging training for brand owners!    We are pleased to announce that we have launched a range of courses that focus on the fundamentals of packaging. The training sessions and days are aimed at those who have become directly involved with packaging, yet require an essential guide on how to fulfil a […]

A 2017 review of some interesting (ahem) packaging fails

21st December 2017 | Fiona

A 2017 review of some interesting (ahem) packaging fails Packaging has the amazing ability to develop a whole host of emotions – anger, laughter, happiness and sadness. It even improves your vocabulary – as you swear so much when you can’t open the damn thing without a chainsaw, hammer or launching it at a wall. […]

Packaging Consultancy Life!

22nd November 2017 | teamfox

It’s time to bring independent packaging professionals together By Neil Shackleton, founder of Medoola     Packaging consultancy life is tough, especially when you get a quiet period. The joys of using your professional packaging expertise to form your own work independence without the daily grind and commute does make up for it. Sadly, long […]

Hello world!

19th November 2017 | teamfox

My Medoola are the UK’s biggest FMCG packaging consultancy with over 20 years of experience. Our team of creative individuals have the skill-set and the technical know-how to be able to deliver on projects of all sizes.  For more information please contact Neil Shackleton on 01924 950 588 to see how we can help your business reach […]