About Medoola.

About Medoola

When you sit down and think about a packaging expert what does it bring to mind? When we sat down and thought about a way to describe us, a packaging consultancy seemed far too broad of a term. It means something different to different people, to different businesses.

Some think it is about design. Some think it is about function. Then some think that it is about the product staying in tact throughout the supply chain. None of these are wrong and we know that. Our founder, Neil Shackleton, has worked on every element of packaging possible, but he’s a rare breed, and we know that too.

So Medoola is a collective, a collective of packaging experts who know their stuff about their stuff in amongst the broad world of packaging.

Independent Packaging Consultants choose to be part of the Medoola Collective, knowing that collectively, they can achieve results for packaging projects far more efficiently than they do in an interim contract. Why does this matter? We draw on the specific experiences of individual collective members when a project calls for it. Basically, a business will get the expert that suits the project objective. That could be one person; it could be four or five. It’s certainly not about a one size that fits all solution.

Neil Shackleton founded Medoola. He’s worked in the packaging operations, packaging design industry and print industry for far too many years to count. He is a consultant, who works on interim packaging projects, like his fellow independent consultants. But he, like his counterparts, values his time and doesn’t believe that his time is utilised as effectively as it should be when he works on a full time interim packaging contract. There are days when he has very little to do, then there are times when the project hits its peak and the days are full and fulfilling.

Who wants or needs a consultant, that you pay an extremely high daily rate for, sitting at a desk not doing very much at all? No, you need efficiency and high productivity. Full time interim contracts simply don’t provide that, as Neil finds to his cost on every single project. That’s due to a project’s nature. You have downtime when a project stalls, then you have very busy periods when the project hits it peak.

Allow us to come and go when required, we guarantee that you’ll obtain excellent results, see a better return and slash consultancy fees significantly.