Time for Plastics Facts (not Fiction!): Join the #PlasticsFactOrFiction Debate

At Medoola, we have sat, stood, read and listened through articles, podcasts, seminars, debates, posts and presentations that challenge the perceptions on sustainability in packaging. There is too, a plethora of discussions around how to solve the huge issues we face as a planet. We are collectively changing Earth’s behaviour with our own behaviour.

And over the past 12 months, we’ve seen some knee jerk reactions to change – some mighty big in fact, as can be seen by the statement of intent set out by Iceland here.

Plastics of course are the dominant focus of demonization. ‘Plastic Free’ is now a term of reference and having recently sat through a school play entitled ‘plastic pirates’, it would seem that educationally, we have been quick to adopt this attitude as gospel.

But that’s rather the point. All of us, ourselves included, have often got caught in the wave of emotion that follows the strong visuals of waste vs wildlife. It has of course brought packaging front and centre in the media, but in focusing on a mere material we have lost sight of the actual issue. That is waste.

How we socially accept waste, how we educate against waste, how we build our infrastructures to cope with waste are the big challenges we face. The materials in which we use should merely become a subset of this.

Yes of course plastics are part of the waste issue and plastics are also part of the ocean waste issue. These are two solid statements that we cannot ignore. But it’s not the whole story here.

At Medoola, we encourage our clients to understand where they are as a business, understand what their supply chain looks like and essentially consider sustainability in packaging as a steady journey, not a slapdash race. Each step should continue to drive efficiencies, providing the justification to make adaptions that continue to reduce the entire environmental footprint of the packaging used.

That is why we insist on delivering a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), as it is the basis for both defining and measuring results to produce data that is factual rather than emotive.

Our philosophy at Medoola is to define the right packaging components for the product. For businesses with plastic packaging, or even dare we say, those without plastic, we should all apply the same thinking and base our packaging decisions on factual merit. We can no longer continue to rule with emotion.

To aid your thinking Medoola will post a number of small soundbites across social channels in the next few weeks. We ask you to consider and debate, appreciating that all the statements are factually correct and are backed by full LCA reports available to review. We thank our good friend Chris DeArmitt PhD FRSC, of Phantom Plastics in Cincinnati who apart from being just about the most knowledgeable person in the world on plastics has spent many hours collating and making these LCA reports available for all to see. Let’s embrace the #PlasticsFactOrFiction debate to make informed decisions that will benefit the planet, not stick a band-aid over it.

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