From Candles to Chorizo: Packaging Training Day Success


This year’s Introduction to Packaging training was a great success with four sessions running at different locations across England.

The training was designed for small groups – nine per session. It worked well, ensuring that everyone got the most from the day’s activities.

Attendees came from a wealth of product based markets, proving just how important packaging is for brand owners and producers of all different business sizes.

It was especially pleasing to see that the majority of attendees came from young and start up companies – all with brand new products on the market. We hope to see many, if not all of these, gain some retail exposure in the near future.

“Packaging is far more than just the primary design and understanding the basic elements will allow this year’s attendees to use that extra information to make more effective packaging decisions.” said Neil Shackleton, Founder and Key Trainer for the days.

A lack of packaging process is the main issue for businesses both small and large so the later sessions proved a real benefit to the attendees. The groups were able to work together to build basic packaging processes that they could then take back and use in their day to day operations.

“Understanding the key steps will be invaluable to us as we try to manage our supply chain for the first time’ said one attendee” a Partner in a start-up company.

Sustainability was also a concern for many at the sessions, so it was fantastic to finish each session with a Q&A specific to each attendees’ products. We also arranged a great presentation from one of Medoola’s partners on recycling and the value chain.

The main focus of the Introduction to Packaging training days is that attendees gain a basic understanding of packaging. Of course, we are always here to help them on their future journeys.

There are no more sessions planned for 2018, but look out for our 2019 sessions, which are due to take place in February. For full details, get in touch.

Basic Principles of Packaging Courses

The training is broken down into modules that can be tailored to each day depending on the key requirements of the individual or group. Participants will get to grips with the basic ideology of packaging and packaging design including:

  • Colour Management
  • Materials
  • Packaging Process
  • Planning

Neil and his team of experts have designed the course that is broken down into a series of modules that can be tailored. Whether attendees are directly or indirectly involved in packaging, or they are considering future opportunities within the industry, our Basic Principles of Packaging sessions will provide the essential information from which to grow their knowledge.

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