Medoola unveils packaging training for brand owners! 


We are pleased to announce that we have launched a range of courses that focus on the fundamentals of packaging. The training sessions and days are aimed at those who have become directly involved with packaging, yet require an essential guide on how to fulfil a packaging project professionally and efficiently.

Our founder, Neil Shackleton has created the ‘Basic Principles of Packaging’ course, which is the first in a series of packaging delivery training. We’ve aimed it at new brand owners, those new to managing packaging projects and those who are simply wanting to expand their packaging know-how.

Neil said “I always expected that packaging would become a professional career path in the UK, especially as FMCG firms are challenged with improving efficiency, sustainability, longevity, and of course, steering away from plastic. Yet, we are still an industry where people ‘fall’ into the profession. A lack of knowledge and improper planning is causing massive set backs and blowing budgets in packaging projects. These courses will help to minimise these setbacks by providing the core basics on how to deliver a packaging project successfully.”


Medoola wants to attract new talent to the industry on a whole. It is necessary that the packaging industry gets back on the map as a worthwhile and rewarding career path. Training and education are vital elements of this, and the first level of training from Neil is designed to get people interested in the subject and realise that packaging is just as important as the branding and design when it comes to product delivery. 


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Basic Principles of Packaging Courses

The training is broken down into modules that can be tailored to each day depending on the key requirements of the individual or group. Participants will get to grips with the basic ideology of packaging and packaging design including:

  • Colour Management
  • Materials
  • Packaging Process
  • Planning

Neil and his team of experts have designed the course that is broken down into a series of modules that can be tailored. Whether attendees are directly or indirectly involved in packaging, or they are considering future opportunities within the industry, our Basic Principles of Packaging sessions will provide the essential information from which to grow their knowledge.

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